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Headset ASUS Cerberus V2 Gaming


Deskripsi Produk :
1. PC/Mac Gamers
2. Mobile Gamers
3. Console Gamers
     1. Exclusive 53mm Asus Essence drivers deliver incredible audio quality
     2. Brand-new stainless-steel headband provides better durability and a more stylish look
     3. Wrap-around ear cushions improve comfort and sound insulation
     4. Dual microphones capture clear sound for both gaming and general audio tasks
4. 1 Tahun Garansi resmi ASUS Indonesia
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Gaming headset dengan 60mn neodymium driver

besar, didesain untuk penggunaan PC Gaming dan


  • Driver sebesar 60mm neodymium-magnet memberikan hantaman tak tertandingi dan imersi yang lebih lanjut
  • Kompatibel dengan PC, Mac, PlayStation® 4 dan perangkat cerdas untuk gaming dan mobile fun
  • Desain Dual-microphone: boom mic yang dapat dicabut-pasang untuk kejernihan komunikasi selama bermain game dan sebuah in-line mic untuk chat on-the-go
  • Bantalan nyaman ukuran penuh 100mm memberikan isolasi noise yang hebat untuk kenikmatan gaming dan musik bebas gangguan

Superb, distraction-free sound in every scenario

Winning gamers need winning accessories and Cerberus is designed to help you secure victory in every scenario — and it’s also a great headset for everyday listening! Connect Cerberus to your desktop, laptop or smart device to experience superb sound with brilliant detail and punchy bass no matter what you do or where you do it.

Unrivaled punch and ultimate immersion

Unrivaled punch and ultimate immersion

Large 60mm neodymium-magnet drivers

If you’ve not felt the power of 60mm neodymium-magnet drivers then listen with Cerberus — you’ll experience unrivalled punch and audio immersion that’s utterly convincing. When gaming you’ll hear every gunshot and know enemies are nearby from their footsteps alone. Then, switch to audio for roomy stadium rock, crisp and clear spoken-word listening or movie soundtracks that sound so real.

Works with both PCs and Mac computers

Enjoy desktop gaming and mobile fun


Works with both PCs and Mac computers…

You can forget compatibility worries with Cerberus because it works with almost any device. The 1.2m connecting cable is accompanied by a 1.3m extension with a Y-split that provides separate headphone and mic plugs along, for great compatibility and an overall cable length of 2.5m. The detachable boom mic is perfect for in-game communication — so you can chat and always be heard!

Works with both PCs and Mac computers

Works with both PCs and Mac computers

and even smartphones and tablets

Cerberus is also perfect for smart devices, thanks to the in-line mic — it’s so convenient for on-the-go chat. Just pop the four-pole 3.5mm jack plug into your smart device to keep in touch with family or friends on the road. ASUS engineers’ research shows that 1.2m cable is a perfect length for mobile use — so no more knots and tangles!

Revel in undisturbed gaming and music enjoyment

Revel in undisturbed gaming and music enjoyment

Cerberus has full-size 100mm polyurethane-coated leather ear cushions for great durability and effective noise isolation, so you can enjoy our audio without being disturbed by the outside world. And Cerberus is designed with comfort that lasts: the highly-breathable cushions and the headband’s finely-balanced clamping forces mean you can listen for much longer.



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